• December 3, 2022

Muslim Who Claimed Disney Did Not Hire Him Because of Racism Hates Blacks

Muslim actor Mohamad Adams accused Disney of not casting him as Aladdin because they are racist against Muslims.  Maybe so or maybe they read his Twitter notices.  It seems that Adams is not very fond of blacks or N****rs as he calls them.  He is also not too fond of women and disparages them frequently.  He said that any woman over 5′ 10″ is a man to him.

BET reported:

Aspiring actor Mohamad Adams found that internet fame goes both ways over the weekend when he took to Twitter to claim that Disney would not allow him to play their famous character “Aladdin” because of his Muslim religion.

While he gained support early on from outraged fans, he was quickly exposed for some scary discriminations of his own.  Adams gained support and sympathy when he Tweeted out his rendition of the musical’s classic number, “A Whole New World,” with the caption, “Here’s my singing audition for @DisneyStudios Aladdin that was rejected because of my name ‘Mohamad’. Please Disney, tell her to reconsider.”

But reality quickly came back to Adams after another user did some snooping of his own, discovering that Adams held on to the very same form of hate in which he claimed to be a victim.



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