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This Ungrateful Welfare Family of 10 Turned Down Bigger House To Demand Even More

Some people will never be happy and tend to blame their issues on others no matter what. Taxpayers are paying the price for one family’s unhappiness.


In 2012, Arnold and Jeanne Sube and their eight children, moved from France to the UK so that Arnold could study mental heath nursing at the University of Bedfordshire. They currently live in a three bedroom council house that they feel is a poor living arrangement. “Me and my family have been neglected,” said Arnold. “It’s so cramped and the conditions are terrible. Everyone is sleeping everywhere and my wife is sleeping with the baby so I am on the sofa. I am homeless in my home now.” Arnold complained that two of his daughters share a bedroom with two single beds…not really all that odd for even a family of four.

But, it’s hard to sympathize with them when the British Council offered them a five bedroom home that they refused, claiming that they need at least six double bedrooms to live comfortably. Due to their upset, the Council has put the entire family up in a Hampton by Hilton Hotel, which costs an average of $200 a night, resulting in a total of over $50,000 in hotel expenses …money that comes from taxpayers.

As if that is not enough to make taxpayers scream in pain, it gets better. On top of the $50,000 hotel stay, the family is also receiving $60,000 in housing and child benefits, and child tax credits.

In addition to receiving the hard working taxpayer’s money, Arnold has also recruited the help of solicitors, in an attempt to gain enough money to get a house that he feels is large enough for the family of ten.

A Luton Borough Council spokesperson has issued the following statement:

“Despite difficulties, we managed to find Mr. and Mrs. Sube affordable housing in Luton that is large enough to house them and their eight children. After a generous offer on our part, we have done our bit and if housing is offered and declined without, what we judge, good reason, then we will offer property to another family.” Another statement confirmed that the family was lucky to be offered such a good sized house, as there are very few in the area.

The sad truth is that there are millions of people who work for a living and pay the taxes that afford these ungrateful sods what they have who live in even worse conditions.  Being on welfare isn’t supposed to afford you a comfortable lifestyle.  For goodness’ sake why would anyone work to get off welfare if that were the case?

It’s one thing to put people up on welfare, but then for those receiving public assistance to complain that the tens of thousands of dollars spent on them isn’t good enough, is enough to anger taxpayers.

It’s no surprise that readers find the family to be selfish and ungrateful…

“Don’t give them anything! Ungrateful assholes!!!!!”

“Soon they will get nothing.”

“It’s likely that ur correct “soon they will get nothing.” Unfortunately, I feel that SOON should’ve arrived the second they had the audacity to turn down the first house! They’ve since been offered another!!! Ingrates! They are now undeserving in my mind and should’ve already been told YOUR FREE RIDE IS OVER AND NOW U GET NOTHING!!!!”

“The government needs their head examined. Greed on the backs of hard working people. Maybe they should stop having children they can’t afford and expecting others to pay for it.”

The answer seems obvious to all who have read this article…

“Freeloaders just taking the government for a ride. Why are they still having children and why isn’t the father working ? This is why all governments are in such bad shape. People learn real fast how to scam the system and this is a great example of a scamming family.”


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