• August 11, 2022

Muslims FURIOUS After This Wyoming Couple “Welcomes” Them to Neighborhood

Chelsea and Jon Roan, married couple and members of Americans for a Secure Wyoming made a video demonstrating exactly how the feel about a new mosque being built in their town. Leading what they called a “Ban Islam in Wyoming Rally,” the couple was determined to have their voice heard when they staged a public burning of the Quran to protest the fundamentals of the religion of Islam. This video was quickly going viral, before it was taken down by YouTube citing that the video went against their “standards”.

At any rate, before the video was taken down it was documented of what was in it and this is what happened.

In order to make sure their voices were heard, the couple gathered at a campground in Gillette, Wyoming to protest the evils of the “religion of peace” by ripping out and burning the pages of the Muslim holy book. “This is for all the people who have been raped and tortured and murdered because of what is taught in this book,” Chelsea said. “Especially for that five-year-old girl who was gang raped and the media who won’t even cover what happened to [her].” She passionately proclaimed. With the help of her husband, the pages went ablaze.

Not surprisingly, the couple received a lot of backlash, not only from the Muslim community, but also from the Mayor of the town, Louise Carter King, has condemned their actions and had begged them to reconsider their plans of burning the Quran. Spread this video everywhere and raise awareness that this “religion” is nothing but an outdated, barbaric practice that has no place in our western civilization.


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