Naked Couple Do Their Jogging Routine While Leaving Their Baby On The Beach Alone

Two parents were arrested and landed themselves in jail after leaving their baby while they have decided to go jogging naked in Cameron, Parish Louisiana.


Cody and Monique Bourgeois left their 20-month-old baby on the beach around 10:15 am after the couple decided to go jogging naked.

According to Sheriff Ron Johnson, Cameron police receive a report about an abandoned baby. The bay was found covered with mosquito bites and sunburn from the sun.

The baby girl was recovered two miles away from a Ford Explorer that was apparently left running.

Detective Kim Nunez discovered the carefree couple Cody and Monique Bourgeois after hours of searching four miles away from the baby. Authorities also believe the 20-month-old was left alone for hours prior to being located.

“Not only did they abandon their child, we never got the first call from them about their missing their child,” Sheriff Ron Johnson said.

The child had likely been alone for two hours, Johnson added.

The parents, Cody and Monique Bourgeois, had already been arrested on child desertion and obscenity charges but they have since bonded out, said Cameron Parish Sheriff Ron Johnson. Cody and Monique Bourgeois are also suspected that they had been under the influence of drugs when the incident occurred.

Child desertion is the intentional or criminally negligent exposure of a child under the age of ten years, by a person who has the care or custody of the child, to a hazard or danger against which the child cannot reasonably be expected to protect himself. And, Obscenity is the exposure of private parts of the body with the intent of arousing sexual desire or which appeals to prurient interest or is patently offensive.

The story made national headlines earlier this week after the Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office reported that the toddler was left alone on the beach.

Child protective services were called and the baby is in the care of her paternal grandmother.



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