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Sweet Seven Year Old Syrian Girl Thanks President Trump [VIDEO]

While most democrats and nearly all #NeverTrumpers condemn President Trump for launching an attack on Assad’s Syria, Syrians themselves have stepped up and thanked the president for his actions.  Included in their is an adorable 7 year old girl from Syria.  Bombing Syria was not an easy decision to make and fake news sites who say Trump only did it to make himself more popular have taken one too many hits of the old crack pipe.


There is a very simple reason why the president had to act.  Had he allowed it to stand the cupcakes in Great Britain, France, Germany and other snowflake countries would have allowed it to stand with only non productive sanctions.  Dictators only understand force.  The attack will force Syria and countries like North Korea to realize that Barack “Snowflake” Obama is no longer in charge and that they no longer have carte blanche to do evil.

From Fox:

Alabed drew worldwide attention last year when her tweets detailing her life while living in East Aleppo went viral. With the help of her mother, she posted photos and videos showing the devastation she experienced, often updating her followers on if she was still alive.

Last December, Alabed was feared dead when her Twitter account was deleted and went silent on social media.

It was later confirmed she and her mother were evacuated from Aleppo and relocated to Turkey.



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