• November 29, 2022

NBC/WSJ Poll Has Hillary By 6 But Wait Till You See How They Did It


NBC/WSJ polling shows Hillary with a 6 point lead on the same day that Rasmussen Has Trump by 5 and LA Times has Trump by 2.  But how did  NBC/WSJcome by their numbers?  The same way Hillary came by her nomination, they cheated.  While most polls are using a 29% dem and 28% rep, the  NBC/WSJ poll used:


They used a 14 point differential.  Obama won 2012 easily but he only won by 3.9%.  This polls increased that by 3 1/2 times.  Obama won by 5 million votes but he won California by 3 million and New York by 2 million.  Obama carried huge number of blacks and millennials, whereas Hillary lags in both groups.  Trump is drawing thousands to his rallies while Clinton is drawing dozens.

Here is how the poll numbers shaped up:


Now, how would those numbers look like without the bias>



You will never get straight numbers from a poll by NeverTrumper Rupert Murdoch and NBC.  Expect deceit and you will never be disappointed.


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