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NC Women Commit Vandalism Against President Trump and Police…In Jail Now

Four women have been arrested for a night vandalism streak in the middle of the night on Inauguration day.  They were finally identified and arrested on 7 counts of misdemeanor vandalism and one count of destruction of private property.



The Associated Press reports the women were identified as “22-year-old Taryn Bledsoe, 22-year-old Julia Grainger, 22-year-old Elizabeth Prier, and 21-year-old Hannah Seay, all of Boone.”

Boone’s Police Chief Dana Crawford put out the following statement:

It is deeply disturbing that some people believe that they have the right to damage other people’s property and businesses to express their views in an unlawful way. While people have the right to disagree with any elected official, damaging innocent people’s property is not consistent with Boone values.

The words “Black Lives Matter” was spray painted on several locations along with anti-police and anti-Trump slogans. In addition to the vandalisms reported earlier, a police vehicle parked at the town’s public works facility was spray painted with similar rhetoric. This is an offense against all of Boone. The cost of cleaning or repainting a police vehicle is not coming from President Trump but Boone taxpayers.

From HotAir:

The arrests were made last Friday but the vandalism spree actually took place early in the morning on January 21st, i.e. in the middle of the night after inauguration day. The women allegedly sprayed anti-Trump graffiti and various political slogans on businesses and a police car. “Black Lives Matter” was painted on a stone wall and also several times on one police vehicle. The phrase, “Ruled by White Supremacy” was painted on a store front. The damage caused by the vandalism spree is estimated to be around $10,000.



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