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Trump Stranded 109, Obama Stranded Thousands of Cubans

Snowflakes across the country are obeying the orders of George Soros and crying their eyes out because 109 people out of 325,000 were detained temporarily but where were they when Obama stranded thousands of Cubans, many of who may very well die.



In his last week in office Barack Obama sided with his good buddy Raoul Castro and reversed the long time Executive Order known as “Wet foot..Dry foot” that stated that any Cuban who could reach land in the United States could stay.  He offered no grace period either and countries began confiscating the passports of the Cubans, effectively stranding them.  Going back to Cuba is a likely death sentence and some countries dropped the Cubans off in the middle of nowhere while retaining their passports.

From Breitbart:

The only activists who spoke up for them were members of the Cuban exile community, who told their stories to local press. Democracy Movement leader Ramón Saúl Sánchez – who the Obama administration threatened with deportation after 49 years in the United States – told Miami’s El Nuevo Herald that the individuals he was advocating for were stuck in airport interrogation rooms, their families panicked and receiving few updates.

“These Cuban travelers have tourism visas. They are being detained or deported,” Sánchez said on January 15. “Those being detained within the airport include people of advanced age, including one blind man, many of them ill.” He added that many elderly Cubans with whom he spoke after being released from interrogation were threatened with being detained in an immigration center, leaving them thinking, “if you’re going to throw me in jail just send me back.”

Relatives of those detained told their stories to the media. 67-year-old Justina Barroso Rodríguez, who suffers from hypertension, was placed in a jail awaiting deportation upon arriving in the United States on January 13. Her son, Danilo Alemán, told the Diario Las Americas that he had received little information on the matter, only that the repeal of “wet foot/dry foot” led to her detention.


“I would like to know, how would President Obama feel if it was his mother in the conditions my mother is currently in?” Alemán asked.

A 73-year-old Cuban woman who was fortunate enough to be released told Miami’s América TeVe that she was kept in isolation an entire day without foot. She refused to give the network her name and said she did not know when she had been initially detained, though she estimated it had occurred around 10AM local time and she had been released long after the sun had set. She possessed a legal visa, and said her crime was to mention the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act to an immigration official.

So, what does this tell us?  The demonstrations are a scam.  If these snowflakes are so worried about 109 temporarily held immigrants, why weren’t they worried about the thousands Obama abandoned or the ban Obama placed on Iraqis in 2011 for six months?

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