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Neighbors Are Infuriated With This Mother – Wait Until You Hear Her Explanation

I see stories like this constantly, and honestly it sends me through many different levels of emotions. Obviously anger comes to mind after reading this story. Anger that a woman could be so ignorant to the dangers she’s putting herself itself, but more importantly his innocent young children in. They don’t have much of a choice in this situation, and that sad. The next emotion that comes to mind is sadness. I’m sad for these kids. We can only hope that their mother uses this as a wake-up call of sorts and gets things together. You have to wonder if this is an isolated incident, or if this is what these children consider normal everyday life with their mother. These young kids are impressionable, and may see this is something that is okay and not a big deal if this is what they see regularly.


Long story short, this woman picked up four of her children while she was very intoxicated. She was having trouble just doing basic everyday things, and cops pulled her over in her neighborhood. She was arrested on the scene, but mentioned that she had kids at home. Cops went to her home, where they found two more children, aged two and six years old completely unsupervised.

While at the station, she blew a .212 blood alcohol level, four times the legal limit. She’s now facing charges, and lost her children for the time being. When reporters asked her to explain what happened, she cited the fact that she was in a rush because she was already running 17 minutes late for something else. Horrible.

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Mom Caught On CCTV Trying To Drive Small Children Around While Intoxicated

When police pulled 33-year-old Lisa Johnston over with the children in the car, she reportedly blew a reading of 0.212, which is four times the legal limit. After arresting her, officers took the kids into their care and went to Johnston’s Cranebrooke, Australia, home to pick up the two unattended children.

Concerned neighbors told them they’d seen her attempting to pull out of her driveway several times that day. The horrifying stunt had been captured on nearby security cameras.

Her explanation for all of this? She was “already 17 minutes late.”

Johnston has been charged with high-range drunk driving and is due in court later this month. All six of her kids are currently being taken care of by a relative. Share if you’re against drinking and driving, especially when there are children involved.

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