• June 28, 2022

New Danish Political Party Hands Out Asylum Spray


The Party of the Danes. a new party in Denmark has been handing out cans of Asylum Spray for women to use in case of sexual assault from refugees in the country.  The cans are just hair spray relabeled.  There was a mixed reaction to the giveaway.

“I think it’s sick.  I’m so angry. I can’t find words for how angry I am.”

“It’s great. It matches bloody well with my attitudes and opinions.  It is after all them [refugees] who we are protecting ourselves against at the moment.”

On the other hand, 137 women gratefully accepted the cans.  The Party of the Danes say they plan more give aways in order to give women some protection against the refugees.  Liberals in the country are looking for ways to charge the party with a crime to do away with the give aways.  Denmark, like other European nations have had terrorist attacks and massive sex crimes due to a large influx of Muslim refugees, who see women as objects to be used for their enjoyment.

Chairman Daniel Carlsen told TV Syd :

“I don’t think it’s provocative.  We go in to tackle a real problem in a society where many people feel unsafe. In part because there are a lot of migrants, but also because you don’t have the opportunity to protect yourself.”

The Party of the Danes plans on running a full slate of candidates in the new el;ection and say they will be giving away more cans of the asylum spray later in the week.

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