• March 31, 2023

The Next Charlotte? Police Shoot and Kill Black Man in El Cajon, Ca


Police confront a man in El Cajon, Ca.  The man was acting erratically and when he pulled something out of his pants and took what appeared to be a shooting stance, they shot him.  He later died of his injuries.  It is not clear what the man had in hand at the time of his shooting.  The suspect age 30 was walking out into the street and his sister called to get him help as he was not acting like himself.

When officers arrived, they began giving the man orders which he ignored, then put his hand in his pocket.  Suddenly, he pulled an object out of his pocket and took a shooting stance.  The El Cajon police do not have body cams yet but someone took a video of the confrontation.  They have given that to the police to use in their investigation.

The second officer at the scene prepared a taser as a means of less lethal force.  No information has been released on that aspect and we don’t know if the officer missed or whether the the man was able to resist it’s effects.  The man has not been named and his sister has refused to cooperate with police.


From NBC Local:

He said there was also no indication that the man was suffering an epileptic seizure during the encounter. Officers gave initial first aid to the man before paramedics arrived and the suspect was then transported to an area hospital. 

Shortly after the shooting, a witness came forward and told officers she had video footage of the incident, Davis said. The witness “voluntarily provided” the cell phone video to the department and gave written consent for officers to use it.

“This was the only cell phone video provided to the officers and no cell phones were taken from anybody,” Davis said. He added that video from the scene coincides with the officers’ statements.

That means nothing.  BLM doesn’t care if a shooting is justified or not.  Thanks to george Soros and liberal groups who contribute money, BLM has become a cottage industry.   

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