• December 6, 2023

New Poll Indicates Dead Heat Between Clinton And Trump

The Left and their media machine cannot hide it any longer. All these weeks of constant hammering of Mr. Trump from all angles has resulted in a dead heat. And if we were dealing with momentum it is clearly in Mr. Trumps corner. Continued scandal and corruption charges, lack of trust is starting to erode Clinton’s base. The only question is why it took so long, but it stands to reason democrats are loyal to their party, but maybe now they are seeing it is better to be loyal to your country.

According to Conservative Tribune:


By age, Trump’s support seems to come from voters aged 35 to 64, and even more so from voters over the age of 65. Clinton’s support largely derives from those voters in the 18-to-34 range.When it comes to education level, Trump wins handily among voters with a high school degree or less, and even among those with some college education. Clinton wins among those who’ve graduated college or pursued higher levels of education at the progressive indoctrination centers known as American universities.

The demographics are not a revelation, Clinton has the rich elitists, the brain washed college idealists looking for fairness and equality, and the forever minority vote. Why after decades of false promises still vote democrat is just a head scratcher. Trump has the ‘fly over” and  blue collar voter. Hillary has not helped herself by also stating she will raise taxes on what’s left of the middle class. It’s getting more interesting by the minute. What do you think?

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