• September 24, 2023

NFL Legend Who Disarmed RFK’s Killer Endorses Donald Trump


Rosey Grier, Hall of Fame NFL player, actor and captor of Sirhan Sirhan, after he shot and killed Bobby Kennedy has just announced that he is endorsing Donald Trump for president because he wants him to make America great again.  On a personal note, Rosey Grier was the only sports figure that my mother ever loved, after she found out he is a crocheter and did needlepoint.  My mom was a knit wit.

Grier who is now 84 and was close friends with Bobby and Ethel Kennedy, was acting as a bodyguard for the couple on the day RFK was assassinated.  Grier put his body between the shooter and a pregnant Ethel and then grabbed Sirhan and took his gun away.

Grier was also an actor he had guest starred on Make Room for Granddaddy, The White Shadow and became a regular on Daniel Boone with Fess Parker.  But, his most important role was that as a Christian minister and is one he has continued unto today.

The Mail Online:

‘I think about it all the time,’ Grier, who is now an ordained minister says about the trauma of seeing his friend shot in front of him.

But despite being a close friend to the Kennedy family, the former New York Giants and Los Angeles Rams linebacker says he will vote for Trump on November 8 because the United States needs a businessman in charge.

He also believes Trump will be strong on immigration and preventing terrorists from getting into the United States.

The devout Christian, who says he voted for President Barack Obama twice, slams the first black president for being soft on immigration and not doing enough to help inner cities.


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