• May 27, 2024

NFL Refuses to Allow Cowboys’ Patch Honoring Slain Policemen

cop patch

The NFL has turned down a request that would have allowed the Dallas Cowboys to wear a patch honoring the five policemen who were slain during a BLM march.  This is the same NFL who displays pink all around the league for a month to raise money for  Susan G. Komen Foundation Race for a Cure, even though only 10% taken in goes to cancer research.  The officers of the charity make huge salaries.

From Alternet:

What do we see? Note the dates of employment for some of the lesser-paid employees. Gary Dicovitsky, VP Development, for example, was paid $95,291 (plus $2,746) only from 10/08 to 3/09. Gary must have gotten a promotion since then, though. Because while it still lists his position as VP Development from 10/08 – 3/09, his salary from 2009 was $417,109. Oh, plus $18,091 in change.

I don’t know about you, but I would never expect directors of a charitable “non-profit” organization to make more than most doctors, lawyers, or even politicians. Their CEO and president, Hala G. Moddelmog, made $531,924, plus $26,683 in change. That’s more than President Obama makes.

They also have no problem insisting that male perverts can share a bathroom with your young daughter and they will boycott any city that doesn’t allow it to continue.  But to honor heroes who died in the service of their city is a bridge too far for the nitwits at the NFL.  From this day forward I will not watch an NFL game, buy NFL sports gear or buy any product that uses the NFL in their advertising.  Hit them where it hurts.

The Cowboys should be applauded for what they tried to do and police all over the country should refuse to supply security at any NFL games.

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