• October 6, 2022

NYC Teacher Suspended for Threatening Thug Who Attacked Her


A New York City teacher has been suspended after she told the thug that was threatening to bludgeon her that if he did she would kill him.   The student came to class late, then sat down and started chatting with his friends.  When the teacher told him he had to move, he charged her holding the cast in the air and threatened to beat her.  The thug returns to school on Tuesday as part of the Obama program to quit punishing black students, because it’s racist to do so.

English teacher Eileen Ghastin is incredulous that the student got a slap on the wrist for threatening her and she was suspended for an unspecified amount of time for threatening the thug :

“The kid threatened to assault me, and they’re bringing me up on disciplinary charges.”

From The Daily Caller:

On May 17, Ghastin’s surly young charge arrived late to class and started yakking away to his friends. When she insisted he sit somewhere else the teen “went berserk,” Ghastin recalled. “He jumped out of his chair, rushed toward me and raised his arm.”

And not to play patty cake.

His arm, which, in a hard cast from his hand to elbow, was pretty much a deadly weapon.

Ghastin said he yelled. “I’m a boxer, so I can ­really f–k you up.”


Petrified, she nonetheless said, “If you beat me I will kill you.”

He left the room and went bellyaching to the school office that Ghastin had threatened him.

What a sad state of affairs.  Is it any wonder that our schools are turning out so many illiterate thugs, who are just biding their time, waiting for their first prison term?  Liberalism destroys everything it touches.



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