• November 29, 2023

NYT Editor Could Face Federal Charges of Criminal Conspiracy


By now, you know that the New York Times (All the News That’s Shit to Print) has illegally published Trump tax forms from 1995 in which he declared a loss of 916 million dollars.  The Times tried to sensationalize it by saying he would not have to pay taxes for 18 years.  That would be true only if he only averaged 51 million a year.  But suppose that’s true.  It’s called an income tax because it taxes income.  No income, no taxes.  Most of his losses came from Atlantic City casinos.  Most of the casinos in AC in 1995, most of them are gone because of lack of revenue.

But, if you want to talk about a real federal crime, let’s talk about the NYT and editor Dean Baquet.  A few weeks ago Baquet was begging for copies of Trump’s taxes and vowed to go to prison to publish them.  Now, suddenly the times have the 3 pages and did indeed publish them, which by the way is illegal.  Tax returns are private and legally only the taxpayer has the right to publish or allowed to be published those documents.  Even worse than that for Baquet is that he openly solicited them which is conspiracy and means a long prison stretch if convicted.

The Trump campaign put out a statement:

“The only news here is that the more than 20-year-old alleged tax document was illegally obtained, a further demonstration that the New York Times, like establishment media in general, is an extension of the Clinton Campaign, the Democratic Party and their global special interests.  What is happening now with the FBI and DOJ on Hillary Clinton’s emails and illegal server, including her many lies and her lies to Congress are worse than what took place in the administration of Richard Nixon – and far more illegal.”

CNN Money’s Chris Isidore reported back on Sept. 12:

“Dean Baquet, the top editor at the New York Times, said he’d publish a story on Donald Trump’s taxes even if it means risking jail time.  He made the remark during a Harvard University forum Sunday, when he was asked about the legal risks tied to publishing a leaked or hacked copy of Trump’s taxes.”

From Breitbart News:

“I think every journalist on the planet wants Donald Trump’s tax returns,” Laura Poitras, an Academy Award-winning filmmaker who made a documentary about leaker Edward Snowden, told Baquet and Washington Post editor Bob Woodward at the event.

But, according to Isidore, Poitras told both Baquet and Woodward “that the lawyers for their newspapers would probably warn them that they’d face jail time for publishing such information.”

Baquet told her he would publish the tax documents even if he illegally obtained them because Trump is, in his words, “a presidential candidate whose whole campaign is built on his success as a business man, and his wealth.


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