• November 29, 2022

Obama And Congress To Clash On Veto Of 9/11 Victims Lawsuit

I cannot think of any other adjective for Washington D.C., then “cesspool.” I know it is strong and to a point a bit vulgar, but this news item only magnifies the hypocrisy and calculated desire for self preservation. Obama in bed with the Saudis( why no migrants?),1.15 Billion dollar arms deal? Just to name 2. Chuck Schumer making political hay at the expense of the World Trade Center Tragedy. The trained eye does not have to struggle to see the tapestry of corruption involved in this. Then again, what power is great enough to demand payment from another country for lost lives over a decade ago?

According to Reuters:

Senator Chuck Schemer, who co-wrote the legislation and has championed it, immediately made clear how difficult it will be for Obama to sustain the veto. Schumer, the No. 3 Democrat in the Senate, issued a statement within moments of receiving the veto, promising that it would be “swiftly and soundly overturned.” He represents New York, home of most of the Sept. 11 victims. Both the Democratic and Republican candidates for president, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, said they would have signed the bill into law if they were in the White House.

If two-thirds of the lawmakers in both the Senate and House vote to override, the law would stand, the first such override since he became president in 2009, and possibly the last. Of all the overrides that could have profitted the country, this is the one that they unite on. Not that it should not go through the process, but just to think of all the others from Obamacare all the way down. What do you think?

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