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Obama Now Undermining Democrats With His Shadow Government

Barack Obama will go down as the worst and most treacherous president in American history.


Obama is an ideologue and a petulant, petty, radical leftist. The welfare of the country was never his concern. He is all about the revolution, the Marxist movement, the goal of destroying the American system and replacing it with a utopian heaven on earth. He is dangerous and an enemy of the state.


An analyst is warning that Barack Obama, through his political organization and its army of 30,000 operatives, poses a threat to his own Democratic Party, says a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The analysis comes from Martin Armstrong, whose Armstrong Economics provides commentary on a wide range of issues extending beyond economics, including history, global warming, real estate and world events.

“Obama has circumvented the Democrats with [Organizing for America] and has established a clandestine unaccountable political party taking money from questionable people,” he writes.

“There are many Democrats at the state level who are starting to see OFA as an organization independent of the Democratic Party itself, which [is] trying to undermine Trump, yet may in fact undermine the Democratic Party itself.”

OFA was set up when Obama began his first run for the White House, ran through his presidency and continues now that he’s out of office.

“Obama is behind the effort to derail and block the Trump administration on everything. However, Obama may be sowing the seeds of the destruction of the Democratic Party altogether. Those who think Obama is not behind this coup are blinded by their bias,” he writes. “To agree with this statement DOES NOT mean the Republicans are saints – just look at John McCain if you need reassurance. John McCain voted to tax the Internet.”

However, he says, Obama “is deliberately trying to create an uprising and is side-stepping the Democratic Party himself because they will not agree with his agenda.”

“Hedge Funds and Hollywood are assisting him so there is money and propaganda on his side. ABC is among the worst in the mainstream media, which is a total disgrace for Disney. The show the View openly states that not one person voted for Trump and all they do is bash Republicans. You are hard pressed to find a more bias[ed] show spouting out propaganda from the agenda on ABC.”

He says it’s all “being organized and directed through OFA – not the Democratic Party.”

“The civil war brewing within the Democrats is pitting the state level against the feds and particularly OFA. How this plays out will be extremely interesting.”

He points out that there already have been reports, in several publications, that state level Democrats “are starting to revolt against the Washington elite and that includes Obama’s covert machine behind creating civil unrest.”

“I have reported that normally a president’s fund is shut down after they leave office. Here, Obama has taken a house in Washington, built a wall around it at taxpayer’s expense, and turned it into his bunker to obstruct anything that Trump tries to do.”


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