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Sports Anchor Who Called Trump Supporters ‘Simpletons’ Suspended

It’s about time jackass celebrities are being held responsible for disrespecting half the country and the President of the United States.


Sports announcers and sports news anchors across the spectrum have started weighing in with political analysis with most of them being left of center. I don’t expect Brett Baier or Bill O’Reilly to start calling out a baseball game so at the same time I wish the sports announcers would keep their politics to themselves and just call the game or read the news.

H/T Conservative Tribune

A sports anchor for Chicago-based ABC-affiliate WLS has been suspended for multiple weeks over his unwise decision to brand President Donald Trump’s supporters as “simpletons.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, this particular round of liberal fatuousness began Sunday when WLS sports anchor Mark Giangreco retweeted a disgusting post by a Canadian sports columnist who had written that Trump is a “a hateful ignorant corrupt simpleton supported by 87 (percent) of Republicans.”

Rather than just retweet the Canadian hack, however, Giangreco chose to add this to his post: “(S)o obvious, so disturbing. America exposed as a country full of simpletons who allowed this cartoon lunatic to be ‘elected.’”

So obvious, so disturbing — calling millions of Americans “simpletons” can be bad for one’s career. But clearly, this was not obvious to Giangreco, who had to learn the hard way by watching as his sick post went viral.

According to a WLS spokesman, the outspoken sports anchor has since been suspended without pay for “multiple weeks,” starting Monday.

Moreover, Giangreco’s track record for behaving, speaking and writing like a buffoon have blown up across the Internet. According to Breitbart, for instance, it has been learned that “Giangreco didn’t bother to vote in 2010, 2012, 2014 or 2016.”

But it gets worse. In 2014, he was reportedly scolded for making light of suicide. While discussing whether Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler should be cut from the team or not, Giangreco reportedly flashed a screen graphic that read, “Cut him or cut your wrists.”

And oh, in 1999 he referred to former Bears player Walter Payton as “shriveled up.” The legendary player died later that year from a fatal liver condition. Nice.

For a guy who treats others like garbage and has the sensibilities of a 12-year-old child, this suspended sports anchor had a lot of nerve to call anyone else a simpleton. Just consider the definition of a simpleton via Merriam-Webster: “A person lacking in common sense.”

Newsflash to Giangreco: You’re the simpleton … and that’s putting it nicely.

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