• November 29, 2023


26Obamacare is not looking good in some states.   Increases,  as high as 116%,  are expected to anger people.

A lower number of insurers are active in most states.   Many major insurers have pulled out of the exchange because of extremely high loses.

It’s become so difficult to turn a profit that insurance companies are abandoning the market.

Tax credits may help some of the population but people in general are skeptical.   People with chronic illness are going to a doctor less and less.


Deductibles are higher than ever before and people are avoiding regular doctor visits.   This is a health risk for small children who should have regular check-ups.

25Another map shows this at state levels.

Some say the law is in a ‘death spiral’.   With an increase of at least 30%,  ‘The Affordable Care Act’ is becoming a lot less affordable.

Donald J. Trump’s plan to let health insurers cross state lines and bring competition into the system is looking better and better.

Too many businesses are closing due to the high cost of government healthcare. Obamacare must be repealed and replaced in order for business to flourish in America.

Most people want healthcare but not Obamacare.


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