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ObamaCare Repeal And Replace Highlights Announced

Buried under the news that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson basically dismissed the seventh floor at the State Department on Friday is the news that Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan finally released a checklist outlining the repeal and replacing on the table of the Affordable Care Act, better known by its nickname “ObamaCare.”


Week after next, following Congress’s district week, the outline points will be fleshed out, but the bill being worked on includes quite a bit of the wishlist that President Donald Trump backed during his campaign.  From Breitbart:

The Republican proposal would include health savings accounts, high-risk pools for sick people, and states receiving greater control over health care. The plan also includes tax credits for individuals to buy health insurance dependent on age and family size rather than Obamacare’s income basis.

The Republican plan lowers Medicaid back to each states’ traditional match rate. The proposal says, “This ensures continuity of care and coverage for low-income adults, but does not reward states that expanded Medicaid under Obamacare and allows individuals to cycle off the program into other coverage sources naturally.”

States that did not elect to expand Medicaid would receive additional resources to make states more equal. The plan would limit per capita spending on Medicaid; however, states can elect to choose a block grant. The block grant does not include Obamacare’s expanded Medicaid funding and presumes that individuals find coverage outside of the Medicaid program.

Which makes the provisions all about economics and less about the government dictating who lives or dies through death panels, and forcing religious objectors to violate their consciences on a number of topics.  It also is somewhat of a concession to the states that DID expand medicaid under ObamaCare and who do have working families dependent on the states for health insurance.

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