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Watch the New Origami Police Shield in Action [VIDEO]

Researchers at Brigham University have developed a new bulletproof police shield that is much lighter than the old ones and are more effective to boot.  The origami shield folds up for easy storage and takes just seconds to set up.  It is made by 12 layers of Kevlar fiber.
Larry Howell, professor of mechanical engineering at BYU explains:


“We worked with a federal special agent to understand what their needs were, as well as SWAT teams, police officers and law enforcement, and found that the current solutions are often too heavy and not as portable as they would like.  We wanted to create something that was compact, portable, lightweight and worked really well to protect them.”


From The Daily Caller:

The new shield can be folded compactly when not in use, which makes it a lot easier to transport and deploy. When expanded, it can provide cover for officers and stop bullets from most handguns. It is made by 12 layers of Kevlar fiber.

The new origami shields weigh only 55 pounds, which is far lighter than the 100 lbs current steel-based shields weigh.

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