Obamnesty is Deader Hillary’s Moral Compass


Obama’s dream of making 5.8 illegals legal is dead.  Worse than that for Obama is if the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is handed the case from someone, it could kill the Dreamers, too.  Even with the fact that The Honorable Judge Scalia died today, the vote will be 4 to 4.  Now, here’s what you have to know.  In case of a 4 to 4 tie, the decision of the Circuit Court of Appeals will stand without precedent.  What that means is that the Fifth Circuit of Appeals’ decision against Obama’s illegal immigration plan is dead.

Without precedent means that the court would be able to visit the case in the future.  The question is, “Who will Obama nominate for SCOTUS?  You can go to this thread and vote on your pick.  Never any kind of registering needed.  Just vote, check the results and leave.

Even if Obama were to pick a new judge and get him or her confirmed, it would be too late for a decision this year.  That’s why I say the states could bring a second lawsuit to cut out the Dreamer Act.  A quick hearing and decision could end that program also.  In an election year, I kind of doubt everyone one of the 26 states would be willing to be on the record for being against Dreamers,, who are here through no fault of their own.  But even just one state could bring such a suit.

The truth is also that Congress is not compelled to accept any nominee of Obama’s this entire year.  They have the votes to delay appointing a new judge until a new president is sworn in in 2017.  Actually, the best way would be for McConnell to refuse to schedule a vote on the confirmation but he has BBs for cojones.

Obama will still refuse to deport any of the illegals, but he won’t be able to tie the hands of the new president and keep them from deporting illegals.


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