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Oops, She Did it Again: Malia Obama Pictured With Giant Bong


Malia Obama has done it again, this time at a frat house on the University of Pennsylvania campus.  She is hanging out with some students, wearing her self made “Smoking Kills” tee shirt standing 2 or 3 feet away from a giant bong.  Now, that could kill you.

This picture circulating on social media appears to show Malia Obama (pictured in a 'Smoking Kills' shirt and hat) near what looks like a large bong

The Daily Mail Online spoke to photoshop professional, Alan Barry, who confirmed that the picture is genuine:

‘I have examined the image in detail.’

‘Specifically, her image was not added or overplayed in anyway to another image to create the final photo.

‘That is, for better or worse, Malia Obama in the photo.’

Malia is taking a year off and then intends to attend Harvard.  Notice in the picture, she is wearing a hat with an H on it.  Malia has been a busy girl this summer.  She showed off her underwear while twerking at Lollapalooza.

Image result for malia obama twerking lollapalooza

At the same event, she was seen smoking a funny looking cigarette

Image result for malia obama smoking pot

A week later, she was escorted out of a party by Secret Service agents after police came to break up the party

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