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Pakistani Man Sets World Record for Breaking Coconuts With His Head [VIDEO]

Rashid Naseem, 30, from Karachi, Pakistan set a new world record by smashing open 43 fresh coconuts using only his head and he did it in just 60 seconds.  Naseem already owns the record for cracking walnuts and crushing soda cans with his head, says he wants to break 50 world records and make his country proud of him.


But the record came with a cost. Naseem had to brave through a few injuries during his preparation time a few months ago.

‘Fresh coconuts are hard to break. So when I started my training and began hitting coconuts on my head, I used to get splitting headaches,’ he said.

‘It felt like a dangerous thing to do in the beginning. But with proper training, I was eventually able to strengthen myself enough to do this.’

Naseem said he loves making records. 

Last year, he smashed 210 walnuts with his head in one minute. He also claims to be a record holder for crushing the highest number of drink cans.

Naseem, who runs a martial arts training school, says he wants to break more records.

‘I have already attempted five Guinness records. But my aim to make 50 records and make my country proud,’ said Naseem. 


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