• June 19, 2024

[WATCH]Palestinian: “All respect to Hitler”

“All respect to Hitler.”

That’s the response from one Palestinian man in a video asking people in the West Bank what they know about the Holocaust.

Corey Gil-Shuster, the host of the “Ask an Israeli/Ask a Palestinian Project” on YouTube, encountered Palestinians who said the Jews have exaggerated the number killed by the Nazis; accused Israel of behaving like Nazi Germany; and even offered praise for Adolf Hitler, according to the video’s translation.

While the translations voiced by the video’s interpreter are rough and incomplete, they seem to give a glimpse of Palestinian views of the Holocaust. (TheBlaze has not independently verified the translations, and is presenting paraphrased thoughts expressed by the interviewees as heard on the video.)

Gil-Shuster, who moved to Israel from Canada, presented himself as a Canadian on the streets of Ramallah and Nablus, where admitting he is Israeli could be dangerous. One interviewee, a man named Mohammed, insisted that only 100,000 Jews were killed in the Holocaust, but that Jews continue to exaggerate and say it was 6 million.

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