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Panama Papers Scandal: Edward Snowden Calls Out British Prime Minister To Resign

This topic is still way under the radar of the average American, but it’s really the most colossal and possibly devastating financial scandal on a world wide scale. And I’m not surprised that Snowden is involved in blowing the whistle on this.

Edward Snowden has called on the British people to rise up and demand that David Cameron resign.

The fugitive whistleblower urged voters to attend a protest outside Downing Street to force the Prime Minister from office.

In a series of tweets, Mr Snowden , said the next 24 hours “could change Britain.”

He suggested the outrage at Mr Cameron’s admission that he trousered thousands in profits from his father’s offshore fund could spark the same kind of protests that yesterday forced Icelandic PM Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson to quit.

An estimated 10% of Icelandic voters took to the streets on Tuesday night, furious at the revelation that Mr Gunnlaugsson had hidden millions in an offshore fund.

Panama Papers Scandal: Edward Snowden Calls Out British Prime Minister To Resign

Snowden tweets in Panama Papers Scandal

Mr Snowden tweeted: “It’s up to the British people, not us. In Iceland, 10% of all voters were in the streets within 24 hours, and for less.”

Responding to people on Twitter saying they “hope Cameron resigns,” he said: “With respect, hope is not a strategy.”

Earlier this week, Mr Snowden took issue with David Cameron ‘s insistence that his family’s tax affairs were a “private matter.”

Mr Snowden, who has heavily criticised the UK’s push for mass government snooping on emails and browsing histories , pointed out the PM’s hypocrisy.

He tweeted, simply: “Oh, now he’s interested in privacy.”


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