• June 17, 2024

Pastor Joel Should Have Read My Book: The Burglary Could Have Been Avoided

America’s largest church was burglarized months ago and not a peep has been mentioned in the church hallways since. I recently wrote a book called, The Underbelly of a Mega Church. Chronicling what I have observed going on inside the church walls and behind the scenes. All from my just shy of a decade serving in ministry. I write about the opportunistic Paid Staff, aka The Mob, their like-minded and like-colored minions (the nice people of color are being pushed out too), and their devious Agenda. On any given Sunday The Mob rides rough shod over 5000 volunteers. Their Agenda mission is to undermine and change the face of a culturally diverse church, stealthily sending it in the opposite direction. The churches transformation is almost complete now. Therefore this robbery is no surprise. Only Pastor, and the higher up the food chain of command paid staff are privy to the information of where the safe with the missing 600 K was located. Pastor is simply trusting the wrong people!

The Mob are joined together by a common thread of power positions as the paid staff. Their cause is driven by hatred and bitterness, for past social wrongs and present day events. Their Agenda at church is to correct using social in-justice. In recent years church has been getting downright dangerous to attend, because a segment of the crowd now inhabiting, invited in by The Mob are there for ulterior motives other than to worship God. The Mobs invitees are there to display their bad attitude and hatred towards all who are not Mob approved fellow blacks. Then there are The Mob’s minions, who are “like minded” foot soldiers baring a church badge and a grudge. They are those who tow the line, making sure that the “undesirables, anyone who is not black”, are systematically eliminated. Getting rid of someone is not that hard to do, just mistreat the hell out of them which usually works. The Mob and their minions have a plethora of cruel weapons in their battle bags. Weapons of snubbing, constant criticism, ignoring, arguing act outs, sticking their nose up in the air when walking by, or bumping you out of the way, with no excuse me and believe it or not, growling! All being used in an attempt to rid the church of attendees or servers who are not Agenda approved. The dirty details are all in my book. These haters forget they are in a church!!!! I never thought I would let myself be pushed out, but enough was finally enough.

It is not integration being witnessed at Pondforest-pseudo name-Church, its ELIMINATION that is taking place.

Quanell X, and his ilk sees Texas as a former slave state. Where Whiteman and Texas owes the blackman big time. He is our local Black Panther trouble maker who stirs up the flames of racial divide. Our other hater, Sheila Jackson Lee said recently that “I am a slave”, WTH? Though she didn’t say who owned her. On the other hand, I see Texas as a Gulf of Mexico state, and the best state in the union. I have 3 children who all have dated black, and Hispanic, 2 are in bi-racial marriages. If we were racists that never would have been allowed in our home. My husband and I are from Yankee states we have never seen a ‘white only’ sign. We as Christians raised our children on the Galatians scripture referenced here. I think integrated churches are awesome, that is what God desires, because we are ALL ONE in Christ (Galatians 3:28.) Apparently not at Ponforest though because White and Hispanic Genocide is taking place. At church one would think I was wearing a white hood, as for the treatment I received.

Take a real good long look at the camera shots of the choir, which tells you the racial breakdown of the servers and congregation. How many white, Hispanic or Asians do you see in the choir? Hmmm? Don’t be fooled by the blonde wigs either. Also don’t be fooled by the camera shots with those white heads sitting at the front of the church. Those first 10 rows or so all along the whole front behind pastors’ family and their security, is the visitor section. The visitors break down on any Sunday, is at least 85% white.

I can only assume that Pastor must have former slave state white guilt. BUT Pastor, what about this present day miscarriage of justice in your church that is being dished out to the everyday Joe congregant, and server? Nothing rubs hard working decent Americans raw, more than to give money to a church, which turns around and funnels it to the proverbial dog, who bites the hand of its provider. Money being funneled because of white guilt to the continual takers and haters in society. The tithes could significantly drop off once the TV and web audience takes notice. This should happen when the burglar-culprit is caught and exposed on the news(I’m still waiting.) Pastor needs to stop putting church goers and its tithers in harm’s way.

My guess of suspect is a younger unmarried Mob connected baby mama minion, with a police record, and a baby daddy. But will we ever know?…I doubt it.

The climate at Pondforest Church is different now, sadly the feel good church is dissipating. What will be left is a shell filled with more angry opportunists ready to bilk and rob pastor and congregants, when the timing is right.


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