• June 13, 2024

“Peace Rally” Shooting Claims 1 Dead And 6 Wounded In Alabama

And so it goes, at a so called “Peace Rally” of all things gun fire breaks out at an inner city project and one person was killed. Question for the protesting football players, how is this the White Man’s fault? What would you like people to do about black on black gang violence? Or is that to much to ask you, being so busy playing football?

According to NBC News:

Birmingham police said reports of “multiple people” shot came in around 8:15 p.m. local time. Responding officers found six people wounded, according to police. All were taken to a local hospital where one victim was pronounced dead. Police did not provide information on the others’ conditions.The gunfire rang out just one hour after the rally ended in a nearby park but the incidents were believed to be unrelated, Birmingham Police Sgt. Bryan Shelton said in an emailed statement late Sunday.

This is a culture that many seem to push aside in the dialog, but when the police confront it, and respond it is the peace keepers fault. Deflecting the obvious is not going to make it better for anyone. Look within your black  community, What are your children doing? Who are they with?  There are a lot of questions to answer, not easy, but it can be done. Who will be the first? What do you think?



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