• June 21, 2024

Record Setting Unsolved Chicago Gang Murders Spiraling Out Of Control

What this report indicates is that most of the killings and shootings are gang related. They will never be solved because of the sub culture this manifests from. This will just continue until these people realize the senselessness of their actions. What is accomplished? Are you a man now because you committed a drive by shooting?

According to FoxNews:

Of the 432 homicides committed between January 1 and August 16 of this year, the department has solved 92, or 21 percent of them, the Chicago Tribune reported.When homicides committed in all years are added in, the department says the clearance rate is about 30 percent. But even that figure is lower than the 49 percent clearance rate in Philadelphia and 56 percent clearance rate in Houston, which ranks just behind Chicago in terms of population size.

Yesterday on9/11 we watched football players voice their political right to demonstrate their concern for the black community. They will continue to do so until they see change. Don’t hold your breath rich football players, the “White Man” has been giving for 50 years to help the black community have an equal shake, and what have they wrought upon themselves, but a ghetto, thuggish godforsaken subculture life style, and taking no responsibility for any of it. When the family is brought back into play, going to school, learning, working then the change will occur. There are many successful people of color out there to use as guidance, and when the realization that hard honest work can help achieve goals. That is what protesters should be preaching, instead of knelling, but that would be to hard.  What do you think?

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