• April 19, 2024

PERVERT ALERT! Man Murders Step Daughter And Then Does The Unimaginable


The sentence, in this case, is just as obscene as the crime. There is no way to rehabilitate someone who does this, and leaves me wondering why he only got life in prison. And what’s worse? He video taped it! OMG!!!!

SkyNews: A Pennsylvania man has been convicted of killing his stepdaughter and sexually abusing her corpse.

Gregory Graf, 54, shot Jessica Padgett in the back of the head as she sat by a fax machine at his home on 21 November last year.

The jury in Easton deliberated for less than 10 minutes to find him guilty of first-degree murder.

Earlier on Friday, jurors wept as they watched videos Graf made of himself sexually abusing the 33-year-old’s corpse.

Gregory Graf

Graf admitted killing Mrs Padgett ‘to have sex with her body’

The footage included audio of Graf making profane comments to the mother-of-three’s body, whose head he had covered in a plastic bag.

He lured the day care worker to his Northampton house by claiming he needed help with a computer programme.

Her body was recovered on Graf’s property buried in leaves and other debris after a five-day search.

Graf, a former fencing company owner, admitted to investigators he had killed Mrs Padgett “to have sex with her body”, and said he didn’t know why.

He told detectives he had watched “a lot of porn” before Mrs Padgett arrived on the day of her murder.

Graf said he wished he had chosen a 46-year-old neighbour as his victim instead.

Mrs Padgett’s husband, Michael Padgett, was in court to see Graf convicted.

Graf’s lawyer denied it was premeditated and had sought a third-degree murder conviction.

But prosecutors said Graf planned the killing meticulously, knowing his wife of 17 years would be in Florida at the time.

He faces a sentence of life in prison without parole.


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