• November 30, 2023

Pervert Uses Phone to Record Young Girl in Target Bathroom


A young girl was in the bathroom at the Target store in Frisco, Texas, when she saw a man peering down at her from the next stall, with his phone in hand.  The girl reported the incident to her parents and to Target  management at the store, but the man had already left the store.  This is just the latest incursion by perverts who have been officially welcomed into the Target bathrooms.

Police say they have a picture of the man and they are asking citizens for their help identifying the man.  He is described as a white male, approximately five foot eleven inches tall, last seen wearing a baseball type hat.  The incident happened at about 7 PM on Tuesday evening.

Target has been under fire for their new policy allowing men in the women’s bathrooms.  As a result, their stock price has dropped creating a 2.5 billion dollar reduction in the value of the company.  A petition has been started to boycott Target.  That petition has about 1.3 million signatures and growing.  It’s only a matter of time before lawsuits are brought to bear against Target.  It could easily be argued that Target has given men access to women’s bathrooms without any plan to protect the privacy of children, young girls and women.

The Target Board of Directors is loaded up with radical liberals.  Just before they announced their pervert access program, they added Monica C, Lozano, a member of La Raza to the board, which already had former Obama official, Ken Salazar, Robert L. Edwards and has close ties to Minnesota’s Governor Mark Dayton, whose father was a former chairman of the board.

Target has long pushed the gay agenda:

On its corporate website, for instance, there are many posts and announcementscelebrating the LGBT lifestyle.

In its 2014 “corporate responsibility report,” the LGBT agenda was a major part of its corporate agenda.

In one of its efforts to support gays, last year, Target agreed to be a corporate sponsor of the “Out & Equal” conference, a summit aimed at forcing corporations into adopting gay-friendly workplace policies.

Gay groups also praised the company for its “It Gets Better” campaign, meant to boost the status of homosexuality in the U.S.

Along with “It Gets Better,” Target pushed another gay program called the #TakePridecampaign.

In addition, Target raised the ire of many with its decision to re-engineer its kids’ sections when in August of 2015 the chain announced it was eliminating “gender specific” labels and store signage for kids’ clothing and toy sections.

It will be interesting to see if stockholders move to replace the board at Target as stock prices and sales drop and lawsuits start to pile up.


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