• May 31, 2023

Woman Claims Her KFC Chicken Sandwiches Contained Semen


A woman ordered two chicken sandwiches from a Brandenton, Florida Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and when she took a bite out of the first one said she tasted semen.  The 20 something woman determined that both sandwiches had been contaminated and handed them over to the Manatee County Sheriff for analysis.

No preliminary charges have been filed against the KFC restaurant pending the results of the testing on the sandwich.  Should the lab prove the woman’s contention to be correct, it is not known if police can legally order DNA tests for the KFC employees to determine which one had done it.  Either way, the restaurant would be responsible for the actions of their employees.

It has been suggested that since some sandwiches are made with mayonnaise, that could have been the substance she tasted.  But assuming that she had eaten at KFC before, she would be aware of the difference in taste.

There has been no comment from the KFC management.

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