• June 20, 2024

Peterson’s Message to America about Black Lives Matter, Obama

Peterson’s Message to America about Black Lives Matter, Obama
Peterson’s Message to America about Black Lives Matter, Obama

The latest news of the day is the Republican National Convention and Donald Trump’s acceptance speech. This week, the spotlight will shift to Philadelphia, the “City of Brotherly Love” for the Democratic Convention.

For now, the spotlight is off Barack Obama and I’m sure for once he’s relieved. Because prior to the GOP Convention, cop killings were becoming commonplace, and the American public was beginning to understand that the rash of killings was the natural result of the President of the United States painting our men and women in blue as bigots to stir up the angry mob.

Obama and other corrupt black leaders have successfully used this rage for political gain, but after the assassination of five police officers in Dallas by a black racist, Obama is finding the public is no longer so tolerant of anti-police rhetoric.

“Still, he had the nerve to continue accusing the police of targeting blacks unfairly at the memorial to the murdered officers in front of their family members, “said Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder of BOND.

“And the next day, Obama invited selected law enforcement representatives and Black Lives Matter, the hate group infamous for saying, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” and “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” to the White House. Unbelievable.”

Peterson continued, “I wrote about the reason Obama and others get away with these outrages. It is because they are black–and far left. Most white Americans have allowed themselves to be intimidated and shut down by angry blacks. And many Christians–who were once willing to face any manner of persecution for their convictions–have now become afraid of being called a name “racist!”…. How far the mighty have fallen!”

“The hateful thug who killed the Dallas police officers said he did it because he wanted to kill whites, “especially white officers.” Yet Obama said, “It’s very hard to untangle” his motives! He never seems to be clear about motives when angry blacks or radical Muslims are involved in bloodshed. Yet, when white police officers are involved, he’s very clear about who is to blame…The Cambridge Police… acted stupidly…”

“And after Dallas, three more officers were killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and another cop was killed in Kansas City, Kansas.”

“The heat was becoming uncomfortable for Obama. What to do? He wrote an open letter to law enforcement, which ended by saying, “We have your back.” It’s so clear to me that–far from having the backs of our brave men and women in blue–Obama is now trying to cover his own back-side!, “said Peterson.

“But he’s created a Frankenstein monster, the Black Lives Matter. After the Dallas executions, I was invited to be part of a panel on Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File to discuss police–black community relations. In the face of some crazy statements by black activists, I said that Black Lives Matter is a radical, evil organization, and are worse than the KKK. I meant it, and they are certainly worse, the KKK, who only killed the bodies of black Americans, while Black Lives Matter is killing their souls with hatred.”

Peterson was also a guest on The Sean Hannity Radio Show and said that Obama is lying to blacks and encouraging hatred toward police and whites.

“Therefore, now that Obama and others understand that their anti-police rhetoric is no longer helping politically, they’re trying to put the genie back into the bottle, “Peterson said. “But angry black street protestors don’t care about politics the way that black leaders do–many just want to see dead whites and cops.”

“I warned you years ago that Obama would turn America into a ghetto. I have been “a voice crying in the wilderness” for a long time, and have taken a lot of heat for speaking out against he and other race-baiting black leaders. And thankfully, some good Americans have also begun to speak out about Obama’s role in fueling anti-cop violence and murder, “Peterson stated.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has been particularly outspoken, saying that far from Obama having the back of law enforcement as he claims, in fact Obama has stabbed law enforcement in the back.

BOND is one of the few organizations in America willing to expose Black Lives Matter, Obama, and the other agitators, who are tearing down our country at an alarming pace.

Peterson is reaching out to those want to understand the truth and said, “We need your immediate financial support to allow us to continue our critical work restoring productive race relations, and rebuilding men and families–particularly black families.”

“We’re providing this needed contrast through our radio and TV shows where I interviewed representatives from Black Lives Matter on our Fallen State TV show, but they couldn’t take the heat and walked off the show, YouTube videos, and our unique and effective activities that rebuild men and families. While others complain about whites and cops, BOND encourages young black men to be men of character, get married before having children, work, save, invest, and start businesses, “said Peterson.

“We appreciate your support immensely, but need it now more than ever to rebuild men and families, restore positive race and police relationships, and stand for truth in a world of deceit. We’re doing plenty, but we need to bring our message to every major city in America, and we urgently require your help to do it. Please support us today with a generous gift, and empower us to speak with a louder voice for truth.”

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