• May 24, 2024

[PHOTOS] 9-Year-Old Honors Fallen Policeman Father In Most Touching Way…

Little 9-year-old Ethan Vincent had always looked up to his brave policeman father growing up. His dad always seemed so willing to help out everyone in their community, and he always told his son to do the right thing.

So when Ethan’s father, Senior Trooper Steven Vincent, was killed in a routine traffic stop, little Ethan was inconsolable. The community grieved together at the loss of what countless people called the pointless killing of an honorable officer, a great father, and an all-around “good guy.”

But even though Vincent was gone, his grieving widow knew that she wanted to do something to honor his memory. That’s when she contacted the amazing artist and photographer April Reeves, and after taking some photos of the little boy holding his father’s flag and wearing his hat, Reeves knew she wanted to add something else to the photos.

Using the help of Vincent’s Police Force, Reeves managed to surprise the grieving family in the most incredible way imaginable. They loved the finished product, and when you see Ethan standing proudly with his father, it becomes obvious that though he may be gone, he will never be forgotten!

Please look through the touching photos below.


Photographer April Reeves was touched at how proud the boy was of his dad. “I truly hope that when he is older he is as happy to have these treasures as I was to capture them for him.” she said on her Facebook page.


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