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Billboard Promoting Police is Called Racist in Indiana


A billboard display in Muncie, Indiana has stirred up hard feelings in the community.  One resident,  Megan Thomas, called the sign racist.  (Racist replaced the word “Duh” in the liberal dictionary, that means, :I am totally clueless)  Here is the sign:

Please tell me Muncie tax dollars didn’t pay for this! Sign @ Wheeling/Riverside owned by ‘HOMETOWN OUTDOOR ADVERTISING, INC.’
(765) 288-9000 / (765) 722-0878 Email: [email protected] This outrageously offensive and covertly racist sign says “HATE COPS? The next time you need help CALL A CRACKHEAD.” We have no local in-patient addiction treatment center, yet we have money for this?

By what stretch of the imagination could you consider that sign racist?  Unless you are a crackhead of course.  Megan?  The liquor store got so many complaints they asked to have the message removed.

The message on the sign is obvious.  If you hate cops, who will you call when you are in trouble.  Who could complain about that?  I know!!!  A racist.

The police posted the following message:

Chris Kirby

In reference to the billboard sign above Muncie Liquors……. That business had absolutely nothing to do with the “Hate Cops” sign. Neither did the Police Department, City of Muncie, or the FOP. I understand that people are offended, however, be mad at whoever placed the picture on the board. I have seen posts on Social Media that folks believe tax payer money went to fund the picture. Well it did not. Muncie Liqours is a great business in our community that would never do sometjing offensive. I would like to encourage everyone (even the designer of the sign and those offended by it) to be good people and be good to each other. We as a community need to put aside differences and work together to be strong and undivided.

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