• June 17, 2024

[PHOTOS and VIDEO] Malia Obama Caught Playing Beer Pong


It appears that Malia Obama is quite a party girl.  She has been caught twerking, smoking pot, showing off her red panties and now she displays her talent at beer pong.  You would think that once you got burned, you would learn to be more careful.  Of course the media is complaining about bringing in the president’s kid but I don’t remember them using that type of ethics when it was George W’s daughters.

Style star: The 18-year-old is wearing the same jean cut off shorts and belt she was spotted in two weeks later while in Philadelphia for the Made in America concert (above) over Labor Day Weekend

Back to school: Malia was also photographed in a 'Smoking Kills' shirt while in Phiadelphia for the Made in America conert over Labor Day Weekend, and a photo later emerged showing her at a party close to what appeared to be a bong

That’s one really big bong

Sneaky: In late July Malia was also photographed smoking a suspicious cigarette at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago (above)

Father and daughter: President Barack Obama hugs his daughter Malia  at the Fourth of July White House party (above)

Another picture of Malia posing with dope

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