• June 21, 2024

[PHOTOS] Child Is Covered With Red Welts All Over Body After Being In Daycare

Authorities are investigating after a couple said their 18-month-old son was bitten at a Llano-area day care on Monday.

Randi Grounds said she couldn’t believe what she saw when she picked up her son Casey Gass from Lil Jackets Learning Center. She said she found 10 bite marks and scratches on his face and arms, allegedly from another child at the day care.

“She grabbed the clipboard, the teacher and said that there was an incident,” Grounds said.

Grounds and her husband Keegan Gass said Casey came home with scratches or bite marks each day the week before, and tried talking to day care workers.

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“It makes you feel bad even dropping him and bringing him to the day care. It makes us feel like it’s our fault,” Grounds said. “It’s not the kid’s fault, it’s the supervision. Apparently if he got bit 10 times in one day, then there is no supervision.”

Now, authorities are investigating, but the day care said they didn’t do anything wrong.

KVUE spoke to the owner of the day care, but he does not want to go on camera. He said they are all very upset about what happened, and the director of the day care is now handing out pamphlets on why children bite.

While speaking with the director, Llano police and state investigators showed up and asked KVUE to leave.

A sign that explains the situation to parents is on the day care’s front door as of Tuesday evening.

State records show the day care had a violation for cracked playground equipment back in 2013 and a minor violation last year. Otherwise, the day care has a clean record.

Grounds said they have pulled Casey out of the daycare, but do not know what they will do next.

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