• May 27, 2024

[WATCH] THIS Little Girl Puts Every Thug In America To Shame & Leaves Reporter Stunned

As adults, we are to set examples for the youth in order for them to grow into responsible adults. Children are much more observant than most believe and they are taking note on how those around them interact. One 11-year-old girl named Dariona from the Detroit area, dropped a truth bomb that stunned a local reporter. After a brawl during a school event, Dariona stunned everyone when she said this,

“You are supposed to be role models for us and you want us to act well- but you’re acting the fool,” Dariona said.

“So many people fight for no reason and then it influences kids in school. And then they start fighting and the next thing you know, we’re all going to be in jail because we see other people doing it,” Dariona warned.

“They keep on telling us we’re the next generation, but we watch (them) and they aren’t doing anything with themselves,” Dariona said

Watch what else she said here:


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