• September 26, 2022

Plant Owner’s Hillary Sign Causing Controversy


Slide, Texas plant owner has placed a sign at his plant that has people talking all over West Texas.  The sign reads: “Crooked Hillary Would Be a F*^#ing Disaster.”  The sign however fully spells out the 6th word.  The majority of the negative feedback on the sign is the use of the “F” word and not the sentiments.  Slide Plant Market owner Mark Lee refuses to back down to critics claiming that he has the right to post anything he wants and that includes the use of the “F” word.

“I’m not a profane man, but some things just need to be said and I can say whatever I want. It’s my right.  I don’t agree with what the Obama administration has done, and I can’t imagine four years of Hillary.”

From Breitbart News:

He noted that voicing his fervently anti-Hillary sentiments was just a matter of exercising his First Amendment right to free speech. Additionally, there are no laws on the books that govern signage in Lubbock County to stop him. Local officials agree Lee can keep the vulgar curse word in his “Crooked Hillary” sign, the local NBC affiliate reported.

The plant store proprietor is known for sharing clever and comical messages on that very same signpost, say residents. He told KCBD 11 (ABC) his phone has been ringing off the hook since putting up the “Crooked Hillary” sign, with callers expressing both support and opposition. He said more than 40 locals stopped by to take photos on Thursday. In Slide, that is a lot of people. The tiny cotton growing town has approximately 44 residents.According to Wikipedia, its population has never exceeded 50.

Even people who agree with Lee’s sentiments seem to take some affront by the language used on the sign especially since it’s in plain view of children.  But lee refuses to change the sign in any way:

 “Hillary becoming a potential president is obscene.”

That just about says it all.


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