Police Discover Tiny Baby Locked In Hotel Safe [VIDEO]

A baby was locked up in a tiny hotel safe when a sibling game of hide and seek gone wrong. According to police investigation, the incident happened during an innocent game of hide and seeks between siblings.


According to NY Daily News, a worker from the Howard Johnson hotel received a frantic call from the panicked newborn’s parent on Tuesday morning. The worker answers the parents call and went to their hotel room and meet with the parents who gave no explanation as to how their child ended up locked inside the cramped 1-foot-high, 20-inch lockbox that could only be opened with a four-digit code they apparently didn’t have.


The worker was able to free the infant and handed over to its parents. Fortunately, the baby was uninjured.

Officials said that the baby’s wail could be heard through the lock door. It is believed that the total elapsed time was about 20 minutes.

Police has been called out to the hotel, but the parents were gone before the police arrived.

Cheech Unelli, a parking attendant who works across the street from the hotel, said an employee he knows “overheard the wife giving the husband hell,” he said. “That’s when they decided they better leave,” he added.

The actual name of the mother and father has not been released, but they rolled off in a 2015 Ford passenger van with New Jersey plate B31 EUB, officials said.

After learning that authorities have been looking for them about the incident, Police confirmed to CBC News that the parents went to police in Markham on Wednesday evening to speak to them about the incident.

After an interview with the parents, police say the child is safe and there will be no charges. “We can say now that there was no criminality involved in this,” Det.-Const. Amanda Sanders of Niagara Regional Police Service said. “We had a positive outcome here. The child is safe and happy. We have no concerns with the safety of a child.”

Police said the children were playing hide and seek in the Howard Johnson hotel room when they decided the safe was a good spot to use during the game, but an older sibling didn’t know how to open it after the baby went inside.


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