Dad Facing Charges After Bringing 16yr Old Daughter To Strip Club [VIDEO]

A dad from Florida is facing serious charges after he invited his 16-year-old girl daughter to a strip club and gave her alcohol, cocaine and dance on one of the stripper poles.


Jose Manuel Arguelles, 59, a club promoter was arrested Tuesday night and charged with child neglect, delivering a controlled substance to a child and eliciting sexual performance by a child after he allegedly brought his 16-year old daughter and a friend to The Pink Pony in Doral.


Based on the investigation, Arguelles allegedly brought his daughter and her friend to the club on multiple occasions. During these outings, according to a police report, the teens were allowed to dance on stripper poles, drink alcohol, snort cocaine and smoke marijuana.

According to the arrest warrant, the mother of the 17-year old who allegedly accompanied Arguelles and her daughter to the club saw videos and photos of the teens dancing on the adult club. She then went to the police to report the incident, according to CBS Miami.

When questioned by police, Arguelles admitted to bringing his daughter and her friend to the Doral strip joint and allowing them to consume alcohol, according to the report.

Mr. Arguelles, shares custody of his 16-year-old daughter with his ex-wife.

The Pink Pony was raided and shut down following the 59-year-old father’s arrest. Police believe he and the two girls visited the club on several occasions.

According to Miami Herald, The teenagers told detectives that Arguelles has taken them to the Pink Pony several times since March, when his daughter turned 16, the teens confessed of doing drugs and drinking inside the club.

Arguelles’ attorney, Chris Mancini, argued during a bond hearing Wednesday that his client was being overcharged. He insisted that allowing a teen to dance on a stripper pole does not rise to the level of promoting sexual performance by a child.

NBC6 reported that Arguelles has been ordered held on $45,000 bond and barred from having any contact with his daughter or her friend.


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