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Politifact: Trump is Dead on the Money But We Say he Lies Anyway

President Donald Trump made the statement that in his first month in office, the debt dropped by 12 billion and that in Obama’s first month it rose by 200 billion.  Politifact decided to check out his statement.  Sure enough, the debt had dropped by 12 billion at the time President Trump had made the statement.


Politifact said:

“The numbers check out. And in fact, the total public debt has dropped another $22 billion since the Gateway Pundit article published, according to data from the U.S. Department of Treasury.”
So, the debt under Trump has now dropped by 34 million and is confirmed by Politifact.  They go on to confirm that the debt rose by 200 billion in Obama’s first month.  But in 2009, Politifact found that the 200 billion was Bush’s fault even though the 200 billion stemmed from the 429 billion dollar omnibus spending bill and the 840 billion dollar so called stimulus package.  This despite the fact that both bills were written, voted on and signed by democrats and Obama after Bush was long gone from office.

Now, after finding that Trump’s numbers were exactly correct, they still decided to rate the claim Mostly False.


From The Daily Caller:

Despite this, Politifact still gave Trump a rating of “mostly false” and titled their article, “Why Donald Trump’s tweet about national debt decrease in his first month is highly misleading.”

Politifact writer Aaron Sharockman quoted various experts who said that Trump’s administration is unlikely to be behind the decrease in debt and that Trump is focusing on the wrong set of numbers

“Trump would be wise to not read too much into this figure, which sounds more noteworthy than it actually is. The national debt fluctuates up and down depending on the day,” Sharockman wrote. “While the debt is ‘down’ after one month, experts say that trend will reverse and the debt will continue to rise.”

Get used to it.  Liberals can never admit anything Trump does is good.  They still say that the Reagan years were a disaster for the country economically.


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