• November 29, 2022

Poll Worker in NYC Wears Black Lives Matter T-Shirt



A poll worker in NYC went to this morning wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt, which is illegal and can be considered voter intimidation.  The worker was reportedly stationed at Science Skills Center High School in Brooklyn, Polling Site #11535.

Zooming in on the photo reveals two names on a ballot on the middle-right side of the picture: Peter P. Sweeney and Reginald A. Boddie. Both names are names of judges in Kings County, New York, on the ballot Nov. 8.

Reddit user “trump_is_our_savior” posted a comment describing the man’s behavior, writing, “This person was visibly harassing and not being helpful to white voters and voters who were saying they were ‘Republican.’”

Such a display is seemingly against the rules for poll workers. The City of New York’s Basic Poll Worker Manual, lists under its Basic Guidelines section, “Poll workers should not discuss: Candidates or issues on the ballot; topics related to the ethnicity, culture, religion, and gender of a poll worker, voter, or any other person at the polling place; or any disability that a voter may have (unless necessary to discuss in order to provide assistance).”

Further, the manual’s dress code reads, “T-shirts, buttons, or hats with improper or political slogans, graphics, photos, midriff baring tops and ripped, torn or oversized pants are examples of inappropriate dress.”



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