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President Trump Freed CIA Officer in 6 Weeks After Obama Abandoned Her For 7 years

Former CIA officer Sabrina De Sousa is thanking President Trump for intervening to save her from imprisonment after Obama basically ABANDONED her for his entire failed Presidency!

“I want to extend my deepest appreciation to the Trump administration for all their efforts on my behalf. Without their support I would be spending tonight in an Italian prison,” said Officer Sabrina De Sousa.


It is amazing that within the first few busy weeks of the Donald Trump administration that he accomplished what the inept Barack Obama could not do his entire presidency!

“The Obama administration and former CIA Director John Brennan abandoned De Sousa the last seven years, and in six weeks, the Trump team made her freedom possible,” Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) told Fox News.

A former CIA case officer who faced extradition to Italy for her alleged role in the rendition of a radical Egyptian Muslim cleric is now free after Trump administration officials intervened, according to a source close to the discussions.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo lobbied his counterparts in Portugal and Italy on behalf of Sabrina De Sousa who was convicted in absentia along with 25 other Americans after the post-9/11 rendition of an Egyptian cleric. He was later found guilty on terrorism charges. The CIA had no comment on the case.

The source said Friday that Pompeo worked behind the scenes to show that, on his watch, no CIA case officer would be left behind for executing a mission authorized at the highest levels of U.S. government.

De Sousa called her release “a huge and a very welcome development” in a statement Friday.

It turns out that De Sousa had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the situation. She served this country honorably and Barack “The Moron” Obama could have cared less! He was too busy spying on people and abusing his authority to do such a simple thing as bring one of our own home where she belonged.

This is atrocious!

Sabrina De Sousa is one of nearly two-dozen CIA officers who was prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced by Italian courts in absentia in 2009 for the role she allegedly played in the rendition of a radical cleric named Abu Omar. It was the first and only criminal prosecution that has ever taken place related to the CIA’s rendition program, which involved more than 100 suspected terrorists and the assistance of dozens of European countries.

But De Sousa, a dual US and Portuguese citizen, said she had nothing to do with the cleric’s abduction and has been wrongly accused. For the past decade, she has been on a global quest to clear her name. VICE News met up with De Sousa in Lisbon, Portugal–and other key figures connected to the case–for an exclusive interview about the steps she’s now taking in an effort to hold the CIA accountable for one of the most notorious counter-terrorism operations in the history of the agency.


Barack Obama was all about the revolution. That’s the Marxist revolution. He used Alinsky-style tactics in almost everything he did.

Liberals do not get the code, the American code. From the top CIA brass, through the military and all the way down to the average American citizen people know that you never leave someone behind. Obama, Hillary and the rest of that failed administration proved they don’t understand it when they allowed four Americans to die in Benghazi.

Donald Trump gets the code, and in six short weeks he was able to free a CIA officer that Barack Obama abandoned for purely political reasons.


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