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Principled father of ISIS terrorist son refuses to accept ‘traitor’s’ body


A father avowed to never accept the body of his dead son who had pledged allegiance to ISIS. Sartaj, father of Saifullah, who was shot dead by police near the Indian city of Lucknow, a day after the terror train attack, has refused to accept his body — saying a “traitor” is no son to him, according to the New York Post.

Right is right and wrong is wrong apparently guiding this highly principled father of the dead alleged terrorist, who participation in the attack had left 10 people injured. Sataj stressed, “It’s that straightforward,” he told The Times of India on Wednesday. “We will absolutely not accept a traitor’s body. He has brought infamy not only to us but to the whole nation, therefore we will not accept his body for last rites.”

ISIS has been making inroads in other areas including India, where it had formed a new radical terrorist cell in Kanpur. NDTV reports that the new group had at least nine members in it, which included two of the dead terrorist’s cousins.

The dead ISIS terrorist was in his 20s and was a was a commerce graduate of Manohar Lal College in Jajmau. The New York reported that Saifullah had been making plans to leave India and had obtained a visa to visit Saudi Arabia.  Coincidentally, since October, Saudi Arabia has deported at least 40,000 Indian citizens for suspected ties with ISIS and other related terrorist organizations.

His father confirmed that his dead son called him on Monday to inform he that he was leaving the country.  He supported the notion and said, “I told him go ahead.”  Late last year, his son had resorted to violence against him by beating him up and then fleeing his home, after Sataj had admonished him for not having a job.

The purported ISIS group launched the first ISIS terrorist attack in India by exploding a bomb on a passenger train in Madhya Pradesh.  NDTV reported that eight of the ISIS terrorists who participated in the terrorism were arrested while Saifullah evaded police officials until they found him hiding in a house, where he was killed after a 12-hour standoff.

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