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President Trump has a little fun at Hillary Clintons expense [VIDEO]

President Trump met with CEO’s in the State Dining Room on Thursday. While there, many topics were covered. The main topic was his plans to bring jobs back to the United States. At one point during the meeting, Trump took a shot at Hillary Clinton. As we all know, Clinton took a huge loss last November when she lost the presidential election, and President Trump continues to have the last laugh. Check out the exchange in the video below.


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Trump Cracks Joke About Hillary at Meeting That Has Entire Room Losing It

Donald Trump managed to beat Crooked Hillary at the ballot box last November, and he’s been laughing about it ever since. Now, he’s got titans of industry laughing along with him.

Trump met with CEOs of industry in the State Dining Room at the White House on Thursday, where he discussed his plans to bring jobs back to the United States.

While he was busy discussing some of the victories he’s had bringing jobs back and some of the work that still needed to be done, he couldn’t help taking a swipe at Hillary Clinton — at the expense of Lockheed-Martin CEO Marilyn Hewson.

The defense contractor, many regular readers will know, has been the target of some of President Trump’s aggressive negotiation, particularly in regard to the price of its F-35 fighter program.

“Lockheed Martin has — they’ve just announced 1,800 new jobs, and U.S. plants are doing a great job, and we started negotiating with them a little bit on the F-35,” Trump said.

“They cut their price a little bit. Thank you very much. She’s tough,” he said, referring to Hewson. “But it worked out well I think for everybody. And I think I have to say this: Marillyn, you’ve gotten a lot of credit, because what you did was the right thing. So we appreciate it. She cut her price over $700 million, right? By over $700 million.

“You think Hillary would have asked for $700 million?” Trump said to laughter. “Oh, boy, I hope you — I assume you wanted her to win But you know what? You’re going to do great and you’re going to make more planes. It’s going to work out the same, or better.”

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