• September 24, 2022

Previously Deported Illegal Makes His Way Back To Murder/Kidnap Again

So, tell me again how the illegals who come across our borders are good, family people, hard working, looking to make an honest living, no threat/danger to our society. Really? Remember Kate Steinle? There’s no reason to crack down on illegal immigration? There’s no reason to incarcerate these poor people. Well, here’s another reason that’s wrong…

A previously-deported illegal alien from El Salvador faces felony charges after he allegedly stabbed a man to death outside a New Jersey nightclub and kidnapped a woman.

According to police, Salomon Rosendo Gomez-Serpas, 23, stabbed 30-year-old Mario Ortiz outside the Imperial Latino Lounge after the two got into an argument Saturday night, and then he kidnapped an unidentified woman who was later found unhurt.

Despite being deported from Arizona to Guatemala in 2012, and charged with alien inadmissibility, Gomez-Serpas made his way back to the U.S. to illegally hold a job. In 2015, he was charged with assault and trespassing.

On Wednesday, Gomez-Serpas listened to proceedings via a taxpayer-funded interpreter during his first appearance in court on the murder charge. Bail was set at $1 million.

Establishment media, as it so often does, ignored the dramatic background story of illegal migration and deportation.

MyCentralJersey.com headlined the shocking event as “Elizabeth man arrested for kidnapping, fatal stabbing.” The only other outlet to cover the story, NJ.com, offered an even less useful passive-voice headline — “Man killed, woman kidnapped outside Elizabeth nightclub, authorities say.” NJ.com also appears to have deleted reader comments asking the paper if Gomez-Serpas was legally present in the U.S.

Anywhere from 11 to 30 million illegal aliens currently live in the U.S.

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