Proof Obama Led Anti-Israel U.N. Resolution [VIDEO]

Barack Obama, it is said, has made no “friends” in foreign policy.  Every president has at least one foreign leader it could be said a friendly relationship was built.  For example, President Ronald Reagan became friends with England’s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  George W Bush became friends with several foreign leaders including Columbian President Álvaro Uribe Vélez and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Obama likes no one as he usually rolls as a loner, but more importantly, most foreign leaders who have met him say he seems cold and reserved around everyone.

It’s no secret that Barack Obama does not like Benjamin Netanyahu , but I think  it goes further than that.  I believe Barack Obama hates the entire idea of not only the state of Israel, but the entire setup of the Middle East.  We know that Obama is an anti colonialist, and I think he looks at the Sykes Picot map of the Middle East and thinks “white power structure” and being anti colonialist he has done everything in his power over the last eight years to break up the British-drawn boundaries without actually saying so.  Once you understand this, everything he’s done there begins to make sense.

Which brings us to his disdain for the state of Israel.

[As reported by: The Gateway Pundit]

Netanyahu Speech Ignored By American Media

On Tuesday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech where he said “We have unequivocal evidence that the Security Council resolution passed in the U.N. against Israel was led by the [Obama] administration…There’s no question whatsoever about that – none whatsoever.”

Netanyahu also fired back at comments that Secretary of State John Kerry previously made disputing the claim that resolution 2334 “just reformulates the things that were said by all previous administrations.”

On the contrary, he said, it marked a “major break with U.S. policy.”

The Israeli government has indicated it will hand over “evidence” of the Obama administration’s involvement to the incoming Trump administration.

Netanyahu’s speech on Tuesday went completely ignored by the American mainstream media. There are most likely a couple reasons for this. Confirmation hearings began Tuesday for the Trump cabinet picks which consumed a large portion of the news content being published and because Obama gave his farewell address Tuesday and the liberal media wouldn’t want to give coverage to anything that would further tarnish his image.



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