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Watch Ted Cruz Tear Into Democrats at Sessions’ Confirmation Hearing [VIDEO]

Al Franken, who is much funnier as a US Senator than he ever was on TV, grilled Jeffrey Sessions harshly and unfairly at his confirmation hearing.  Sessions actually was grilled for as long as Hillary was during the Benghazi hearing and he has never killed four people.



After Franken’s grilling, Cruz addressed Sessions:

“Senator Franken engaged you in a discussion that I think was intended to undermine your character and integrity. And in particular, Senator Franken suggested that you had somehow misrepresented your record.

It is unfortunate to see members of this body impugne the integrity of a fellow senator with whom we’ve served with for years. It is particular unfortunate when that attack is not backed up by the facts.”

He then tore into democrats for their persecution of Sessions after they ignored years of the Department of Justice breaking the law:

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